Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why We All Need Password Protection

One of our biggest challenges in today's high tech world lies in our many gadgets, devices, equipment, and toys we have all accumulated. While these things are great at keeping our lives in order and providing us with access to valuable resources we never would have thought about before, developing the skills to use them does not really present a challenge that needs to be overcome. The real challenge lies within ourselves; our own minds can sometimes be our worst enemy. This is often the case when it is time to recall the complicated passwords, PINs, URLs and other pertinent data required for us to get into our many different online accounts. We understand the importance of having good password protection, however we don't want it to be so extensive that it will keep us out as well.

password protection

Password Fatigue

No matter how good you are at remembering the many different sequences of codes required to gain access to your accounts, websites, addresses and such there will come a time when you'll experience what is called password fatigue. It's the point when you realize that you can't put another sequence of numbers in your head and be able to pull it out a month later when you need it, so you start inputting the same code over and over again in all of your sites. It's easy right? You won't forget because you keep remembering it over and over again. The problem with this strategy is that it will also be easy for the computer hacker to break and it provides no form of password protection.

password protection

The Importance of Cyber Security

We've all been through the hassle of having to verify ourselves through security when we try to log into our bank accounts. Their level of cyber security may be the most thorough you have to go through. However, other sites have not followed suit and built up their online defenses in order to secure your personal data. Information that used to be secret in the past can now be easily found on the Internet. Your mother's maiden name can be found through a number of online sources, so if that's your security question to get into a particular site, you are clearly hackable. Your best form of password protection is in creating long sequences of complicated passwords that would be extremely difficult for even the most proficient of hackers to break through.

The Password Manager

While it may be extremely difficult for you to generate such complex strings of characters, using a password manager on your device may be the one thing that can secure your private information while you wait for the rest of the world to catch up. With a reliable password manager to generate complex passwords and access codes and store them safely, you have a stronger line of defense when it comes to keeping cybercriminals at bay. For more information about how to manage your own password protection, you might want to check out for some additional advice and guidelines on ensuring your own security.

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