Saturday, December 20, 2014

How A Password Manager Can Help In Creating An Unbreakable Code

From their very beginning, passwords were created to ensure that your personal and private information remained that way. They were designed to protect your security and level of confidentiality of content wherever you needed to conduct your business. Passwords are used today for nearly everything we do under the sun, so it stands to reason that so many of us will need a little help in recalling all of these unrelated facts and figures. Using a password manager can be very helpful in making the whole memory conflict that much easier.

Password Manager

What Happens If Your Password Is Weak?

The problem that many of us often face when it comes to getting the most out of our passwords is that we are not creative enough to come up with a string of numbers that is strong enough to keep not only would-be thieves at bay but also viruses that could cause major damage to your computer and to any other that may be connected to it in some way or another. There is much demand placed on the password that you'll use to control your access points. With a password manager you can ensure that the right one is created and that it will be the hardest thing the hackers have seen in a very long time.

How to Create a Strong Password

You want to be sure that the password is strong enough that it appears unbreakable. The string should be at least 8 characters in length with alphanumeric characters that may randomly switch from upper to lower case and vise versa with each letter. This combination of unrelated letters, numbers, and characters make it nearly impossible to guess it and could take a considerable amount of time to try to decode it. However, the average consumer does not have the ability to come up with a string of unrelated figures of unbreakable code. The human mind does not work that way.

Password Manager

So, to create a password, they'll come up with a sentence and create one using the first letter of each sentence. For example, the sentence may say, "My daughter was a student at East Bay College last year." The password created would appear like this: mdWaSAebcLy. While that may appear to be a complicated combination, if you add in a few numbers and characters throughout you can really make it unbreakable. Md4WaSA%ebcLy(&!^/. With a password manager you save yourself the trouble of trying to discover a sequence that will be a little harder for a hacker to decode.

Reap The Rewards

If you know how to create strong passwords that can keep cyber thieves and anyone else seeking to compromise your assets, then great. However, the average person does not come up with those things even if he has the time. For those who really have privacy issues and are concerned about finding the right password manager, checking the many different password management reviews would be a good way to start. Learning the importance and the skill to create great passwords can make it one of the most valuable skills you can have and the most practical tool in cutting your risks when it comes to protecting your assets.

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