Saturday, December 13, 2014

How A Password Vault Can Boost Your Internet Security

When it comes to protecting your identity there are many things you need to consider. Especially when you're conducting business online, you need to be extra careful with protecting yourself. The Internet is the perfect place for criminals to hide behind distant IP addresses, phony emails and fraudulent websites. One way to do this is by using a password vault to generate and store your codes for your most sensitive information. This is a software program that will help you to organize all of your passwords, PINs, and other access codes so that others cannot easily hack their way into your accounts.

Password Vault

Password Generator

One of the main reasons people use this type of software is because of the password generator application. If you think of your password as the key to your house, then you'll understand how important it is to use a sequence that will be hard for a common thief to capture and duplicate. Your password should be complicated enough that it will discourage would be thieves from trying to break in, but for most of us, our minds do not think randomly enough to create a code that is not connected to something in our lives. With a password vault password generator, your access codes can be strong enough to make it extremely difficult to decode by most thieves. And if you change them often enough you can keep a cyber thief at bay indefinitely.

Protection Against Phishing And Pharming

Another major advantage that many of these programs offer is protection against phishing and pharming. Phishing is when a potential thief sends you an email that is designed to appear like the website of a company that you do business with regularly. They will ask you to input vital information into the site in an attempt to trick you into giving them your sensitive information. Pharming is an attempt to redirect a legitimate website's traffic to another bogus site. When you use a password vault, however, the sites that you regularly interact with will have their URL stored in your vault and when you are redirected or emailed a particular site the vault will compare the two sites. If they don't match the vault will not proceed with filling out the needed information. In essence it will freeze up giving you a clear signal that something is wrong.

Protection Against Keyloggers

They also protect you against some malware designed to record your keystrokes when you enter certain information online. When you use a password vault, there are no keystrokes to record. The software uses an automatic fill-in so it bypasses any keystrokes that my have been made. As a result, the malware will record nothing that a computer hacker will be able to use.

Password Vault

Of course, there are many more features available when using this type of software. If you'd like more information check online for an explanation of all the different types available. Depending on your particular circumstances there will be a password vault designed to meet your specific needs. Why not check on the  Identity Guard® password vault to see if it can work for you?

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