Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Everyone Should Use A Password Saver

If you're like most people who do business online, you have to log onto a number of different websites for your email, social media, online purchases, to pay bills, manage your financial matters, give your opinion, and check out the goings on around the world. Chances are this is only a partial list of what you have to do online. The problem with all of that is that nearly every website you access will require you to have a strong password that will make it difficult for cybercriminals and identity thieves to gain access to.

Password Saver

For those who usually get that feeling of frustration when it is time to change or remember a new password, it may be time to give your brain a rest and start using a password saver to ensure that everything can be created and generated securely.

Why You Need A Password Saver

One of the biggest advantages that computer hackers have is that we are often too busy to give much thought to creating passwords. Because of that we tend to focus on creating sequences that will be easy for us to remember rather than thinking of those that will be hard for a hacker to break. When you use a password saver this is no longer a problem. If you're the type of person that always creates unique passwords that can consist of a complex string of random numbers, characters, and letters then chances are you don't need any extra help. On the other hand, if you're like most consumers whose tendency is to take shortcuts when it comes to generating new passwords you should consider taking advantage of the extra help.

The Impossible Task

How many times have you tried to access an account online only to discover that you can't remember the password? You try a few times and then you're forced to hit the 'forgot my password' key. Then you have to go through the entire process in order to reset the password only to forget it again the next time you need to visit the site. If you think about it, you're trying to do the impossible.

An important reason to use a password saver is that most of us do not realize just how many accounts we hold online; from your email account, social media sites, business logins, financial sites, online shopping venues, clubs, and others you probably have more than 20 different passwords and logins to recall (and that is a relatively low number). It is literally impossible for the average human brain to generate complicated sequences for passwords and access codes and have perfect recall whenever you need them for every single account you have. 
Password Saver

The purpose of a password saver is to make sure that every password you generate can be stored, remembered, and used when you need it. Because of the convenience of the Internet we often forget that it carries many dangers too. Why keep on doing all of the hard work when it comes to generating a password when you have a program that can already do it for you, much faster and much stronger too.

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