Saturday, December 20, 2014

How A Password Manager Can Help In Creating An Unbreakable Code

From their very beginning, passwords were created to ensure that your personal and private information remained that way. They were designed to protect your security and level of confidentiality of content wherever you needed to conduct your business. Passwords are used today for nearly everything we do under the sun, so it stands to reason that so many of us will need a little help in recalling all of these unrelated facts and figures. Using a password manager can be very helpful in making the whole memory conflict that much easier.

Password Manager

What Happens If Your Password Is Weak?

The problem that many of us often face when it comes to getting the most out of our passwords is that we are not creative enough to come up with a string of numbers that is strong enough to keep not only would-be thieves at bay but also viruses that could cause major damage to your computer and to any other that may be connected to it in some way or another. There is much demand placed on the password that you'll use to control your access points. With a password manager you can ensure that the right one is created and that it will be the hardest thing the hackers have seen in a very long time.

How to Create a Strong Password

You want to be sure that the password is strong enough that it appears unbreakable. The string should be at least 8 characters in length with alphanumeric characters that may randomly switch from upper to lower case and vise versa with each letter. This combination of unrelated letters, numbers, and characters make it nearly impossible to guess it and could take a considerable amount of time to try to decode it. However, the average consumer does not have the ability to come up with a string of unrelated figures of unbreakable code. The human mind does not work that way.

Password Manager

So, to create a password, they'll come up with a sentence and create one using the first letter of each sentence. For example, the sentence may say, "My daughter was a student at East Bay College last year." The password created would appear like this: mdWaSAebcLy. While that may appear to be a complicated combination, if you add in a few numbers and characters throughout you can really make it unbreakable. Md4WaSA%ebcLy(&!^/. With a password manager you save yourself the trouble of trying to discover a sequence that will be a little harder for a hacker to decode.

Reap The Rewards

If you know how to create strong passwords that can keep cyber thieves and anyone else seeking to compromise your assets, then great. However, the average person does not come up with those things even if he has the time. For those who really have privacy issues and are concerned about finding the right password manager, checking the many different password management reviews would be a good way to start. Learning the importance and the skill to create great passwords can make it one of the most valuable skills you can have and the most practical tool in cutting your risks when it comes to protecting your assets.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Important Guidelines When Looking At Password Manager Reviews

Everyone is concerned with protecting their identity and securing their personal and financial data. When it comes to our identity, we should go to great lengths to ensure that anyone who tries to get it will have a difficult time. As identity thieves continue to come up with more innovative ways to hack into our accounts, emails, and programs it has become increasingly necessary to build a greater line of defense. With a good password manager, much of that work is already done for us. However, choosing the right password manager may not be as easy as it seems. With so many different features, types of devices, apps, and software programs, it may be necessary for you to take a look at password manager reviews for some additional help.

Password Manager

They Cut Through The Details

Checking password manager reviews can save you a significant amount of time in cutting through all of the many details that may be listed with a particular password manager. By listing the software or apps that are compatible with your devices, it saves you from having to do all of the investigative work yourself. You should be able to go right to the section that fits your requirements and evaluate the list of options in that area. This will help you to narrow down your selection to one specific site rather than having to search out each individual program one by one.

What To Look For

After considering compatibility with your device, there are three different criteria you should check before choosing a password manager. The first is the ability of the manager to generate passwords and log you into a website when you need it. Additional features for password managers would be to automatically fill out forms and templates as needed by using the data stored inside. Some of the best password managers can log you into numerous accounts all at the same time. Look for these management features when you check out the many password manager reviews.


You also need to be sure that your security is strong. Look for password managers that use encryption protocols using 256-bit or higher and can protect you from keylogging and phishing attempts. This way, when a would-be hacker tries to guess your master key code it will shut down after several failed attempts and will automatically lockdown after a predetermined time of inactivity. With password manager reviews you'll be able to find those that won't even allow hints to help you remember your main password.


For those who rely on mobile devices for access to your accounts, this is an extremely important feature to have. Look for managers that will allow you to remotely add new accounts, login using saved information and synchronize all of your data with your PC. You should be able to transfer your password application to a USB drive so it can travel with you wherever you go.

Password Manager

Using password manager reviews can be extremely useful and amazing timesavers because you know exactly what features to look for when you're ready to make your choice. They will help to relieve your level of stress from trying to remember endless account numbers, access codes, and security features all at the same time.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why We All Need Password Protection

One of our biggest challenges in today's high tech world lies in our many gadgets, devices, equipment, and toys we have all accumulated. While these things are great at keeping our lives in order and providing us with access to valuable resources we never would have thought about before, developing the skills to use them does not really present a challenge that needs to be overcome. The real challenge lies within ourselves; our own minds can sometimes be our worst enemy. This is often the case when it is time to recall the complicated passwords, PINs, URLs and other pertinent data required for us to get into our many different online accounts. We understand the importance of having good password protection, however we don't want it to be so extensive that it will keep us out as well.

password protection

Password Fatigue

No matter how good you are at remembering the many different sequences of codes required to gain access to your accounts, websites, addresses and such there will come a time when you'll experience what is called password fatigue. It's the point when you realize that you can't put another sequence of numbers in your head and be able to pull it out a month later when you need it, so you start inputting the same code over and over again in all of your sites. It's easy right? You won't forget because you keep remembering it over and over again. The problem with this strategy is that it will also be easy for the computer hacker to break and it provides no form of password protection.

password protection

The Importance of Cyber Security

We've all been through the hassle of having to verify ourselves through security when we try to log into our bank accounts. Their level of cyber security may be the most thorough you have to go through. However, other sites have not followed suit and built up their online defenses in order to secure your personal data. Information that used to be secret in the past can now be easily found on the Internet. Your mother's maiden name can be found through a number of online sources, so if that's your security question to get into a particular site, you are clearly hackable. Your best form of password protection is in creating long sequences of complicated passwords that would be extremely difficult for even the most proficient of hackers to break through.

The Password Manager

While it may be extremely difficult for you to generate such complex strings of characters, using a password manager on your device may be the one thing that can secure your private information while you wait for the rest of the world to catch up. With a reliable password manager to generate complex passwords and access codes and store them safely, you have a stronger line of defense when it comes to keeping cybercriminals at bay. For more information about how to manage your own password protection, you might want to check out for some additional advice and guidelines on ensuring your own security.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Many Consumers Choose To Use A Password Safe

When it comes to maintaining your online security there are many different strategies you can use. There are actually two different ways that one has to be cautious of when it comes to managing your online identity. You want to make sure that you can keep valuable information from getting out while you're exposed and online, and you must have some sort of defenses up to see that unwanted intruders are kept outside. While there are many different tools you can use to accomplish those tasks, one that seems to have become extremely popular is the password safe.

password safe

What Is A Password Safe?

In order to be able to store, organize, and search for passwords that allow access to numerous different accounts and online sites, many have chosen to use this type of program. This highly practical tool has many useful features that can help you to manage the security of all your different accounts you must use on a regular basis and still maintain ease of access to your sensitive data. There are many different reasons why many have chosen to use a password safe.

It's Open Source

When an application is considered to be "open source" this means that it has a source code that has been made licensed so that the copyright holder can provide the rights to study, change, and distribute it to anyone for any purpose. This type of software is the direct result of collaboration with the general public over a period of time that includes a relaxed or non-existent copyright restriction meaning that it comes to the end user at no cost. Users are treated as co-developers so they are encouraged to submit recommendations for adjustments to the software, code fixes, report problem issues they have experienced to the manufacturer in an effort to improve the end product.


One of the biggest advantages of using a password safe is its ease of use. It allows the user to generate a highly encrypted and secure user name and password list that can be used to open up numerous sites that you may have to visit on a regular basis without having to recall all of the minute entry details normally required. You simply have to remember the Master Key Code in order to gain access to your master list. This provides an added layer of protection across all devices. By being able to generate a completely new password on a regular basis, and keeping that information stored in a secure place, it can be very effective at keeping computer hackers from gaining access to your private information.

password safe

It is easy to maintain a secure front when it comes to our online affairs. We need passwords and encrypted information for so many things. But with the use of this type of software it is entirely possible for you to keep all of your information away from prying eyes whenever you need to. For those who are considering using such an app, check out the Identity Guard® password safe for more detailed information on using this type of program.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Everyone Should Use A Password Saver

If you're like most people who do business online, you have to log onto a number of different websites for your email, social media, online purchases, to pay bills, manage your financial matters, give your opinion, and check out the goings on around the world. Chances are this is only a partial list of what you have to do online. The problem with all of that is that nearly every website you access will require you to have a strong password that will make it difficult for cybercriminals and identity thieves to gain access to.

Password Saver

For those who usually get that feeling of frustration when it is time to change or remember a new password, it may be time to give your brain a rest and start using a password saver to ensure that everything can be created and generated securely.

Why You Need A Password Saver

One of the biggest advantages that computer hackers have is that we are often too busy to give much thought to creating passwords. Because of that we tend to focus on creating sequences that will be easy for us to remember rather than thinking of those that will be hard for a hacker to break. When you use a password saver this is no longer a problem. If you're the type of person that always creates unique passwords that can consist of a complex string of random numbers, characters, and letters then chances are you don't need any extra help. On the other hand, if you're like most consumers whose tendency is to take shortcuts when it comes to generating new passwords you should consider taking advantage of the extra help.

The Impossible Task

How many times have you tried to access an account online only to discover that you can't remember the password? You try a few times and then you're forced to hit the 'forgot my password' key. Then you have to go through the entire process in order to reset the password only to forget it again the next time you need to visit the site. If you think about it, you're trying to do the impossible.

An important reason to use a password saver is that most of us do not realize just how many accounts we hold online; from your email account, social media sites, business logins, financial sites, online shopping venues, clubs, and others you probably have more than 20 different passwords and logins to recall (and that is a relatively low number). It is literally impossible for the average human brain to generate complicated sequences for passwords and access codes and have perfect recall whenever you need them for every single account you have. 
Password Saver

The purpose of a password saver is to make sure that every password you generate can be stored, remembered, and used when you need it. Because of the convenience of the Internet we often forget that it carries many dangers too. Why keep on doing all of the hard work when it comes to generating a password when you have a program that can already do it for you, much faster and much stronger too.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Password Software Is So Popular

When the Internet first came on the scene it was the perfect solution for many people. It was a virtual free for all, and there were no restrictions or limited access for anyone. Then fraudulent activity discovered its ease access and many would be pickpockets, mailbox raiders, and dumpster divers turned in their skills for computer theft. It was so much easier for them to just go online and look up whatever they wanted. We were exposing all over the vastness of the Internet.
Today, however, we've learned our lesson. The Internet had to become a much more secure place in order for us to remain safe. Now, with the introduction of stringent password and access codes it is hard for the average consumer to keep up. We do not have the ability of total recall, or the creativity to generate random sequences of characters to make a virtually unhackable code. That's why so many people have resorted to using password software.

Password Software

Basic Features Of Password Software

The advantage of using password software stems from two things, convenience and security. There is nothing more frustrating than being repeatedly locked out of our accounts because we couldn't remember a password. It is hard to negotiate with a machine and so we're put through the process of resetting our password and starting all over again with trying to think of a sequence that will be strong enough to keep the bad guys out. With password software the most complicated string of random characters can be automatically generated for you and stored in a secured location for whenever you need it. It is not only easy to use but provides an added level of security to boot.


Its encrypted storage feature is another reason why it is a highly safe option for most consumers. You can store an unlimited number of passwords and usernames in an encrypted database where it will be locked up until you need it. It is very difficult for the human mind to recall random facts no matter what they are, so we have a tendency to write them down and keep them in a place where we can find them when they're needed. The problem with this approach is that an identity thief or a cyber criminal may also find them too. With password software all of your passwords are encrypted and secured so that only those who hold the master code can gain access to them. The only thing you need to remember is your master code and that is a lot easier than trying to remember than 20 different account usernames and passwords.

Password Software

Many of these password managers can be found online for little or no cost. They can easily be downloaded directly into your computer or mobile device so that you can have access to it whenever or wherever you are. If you would like to get more details on password software, you might want to check for additional information through the many password software review sites found online.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Understanding Why Password Storage Gives Us Better Security

As Internet security becomes more complicated there has developed a lot of controversy as to how to go about maintaining password storage. The general consensus is that we are all doing it wrong. All of us need to take a little time to learn about how to keep our passwords safe, creating strong passwords, and where they should be stored. Without these fundamentals we're doomed to keep exposing our vital assets to anyone who wishes to see them.

Password Storage

Understanding Security

There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee. This means that any password you create, no matter how complicated it may be, can eventually be hacked. It's just a matter of time. This is why experts strongly recommend that you not only create a complex string of characters for your password but that you change it frequently. However, there are ways to boost your security so that it is much more difficult for hackers to navigate their way into your accounts. With password storage software you have the ability to generate extremely complicated passwords and access codes that are in themselves difficult to hack but are also stored in an encrypted form, making it doubly hard for a hacker to gain access to your information. And if you change those passwords frequently, you may be able to keep a thief at bay long enough to discourage him so that he chooses to seek out easier targets instead.

What Makes a Strong Password?

Strong passwords require a great deal of effort to create. Many people believe that the longer the password the more difficult it should be to decipher but that is not always the case. Most people think of a long sentence and then use the first letter in each word to create a strong password. The resulting sequence is long but all the hacker needs to do is guess your sentence and most of the work is done for him. It is difficult for the human mind to be able to generate random numbers, letters, and characters. We often seek order in the things we do (even if we don't realize it) but the true secret to a strong password is not necessarily in the length but in the randomness and complexity of the sequence. This is why password storage systems are so useful. Many of them are designed to generate randomness in their passwords so that a thief will have a harder time cracking the codes.

Password Storage

When it comes to generating a strong password and storing it there is much to be learned. For additional information about different ways to create a hard to crack access code for your accounts, check out for some useful tips. By following some basic concepts when it comes to protecting our identities and our personal data we can be more secure with our online presence. No one expects to become a victim of cybercrime and even fewer are actually prepared for it. Still, that does not mean that we have to be caught in a cat and mouse game with cybercriminals. There are things we can do to protect ourselves while we're online and using password storage software could be the key.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

How A Password Vault Can Boost Your Internet Security

When it comes to protecting your identity there are many things you need to consider. Especially when you're conducting business online, you need to be extra careful with protecting yourself. The Internet is the perfect place for criminals to hide behind distant IP addresses, phony emails and fraudulent websites. One way to do this is by using a password vault to generate and store your codes for your most sensitive information. This is a software program that will help you to organize all of your passwords, PINs, and other access codes so that others cannot easily hack their way into your accounts.

Password Vault

Password Generator

One of the main reasons people use this type of software is because of the password generator application. If you think of your password as the key to your house, then you'll understand how important it is to use a sequence that will be hard for a common thief to capture and duplicate. Your password should be complicated enough that it will discourage would be thieves from trying to break in, but for most of us, our minds do not think randomly enough to create a code that is not connected to something in our lives. With a password vault password generator, your access codes can be strong enough to make it extremely difficult to decode by most thieves. And if you change them often enough you can keep a cyber thief at bay indefinitely.

Protection Against Phishing And Pharming

Another major advantage that many of these programs offer is protection against phishing and pharming. Phishing is when a potential thief sends you an email that is designed to appear like the website of a company that you do business with regularly. They will ask you to input vital information into the site in an attempt to trick you into giving them your sensitive information. Pharming is an attempt to redirect a legitimate website's traffic to another bogus site. When you use a password vault, however, the sites that you regularly interact with will have their URL stored in your vault and when you are redirected or emailed a particular site the vault will compare the two sites. If they don't match the vault will not proceed with filling out the needed information. In essence it will freeze up giving you a clear signal that something is wrong.

Protection Against Keyloggers

They also protect you against some malware designed to record your keystrokes when you enter certain information online. When you use a password vault, there are no keystrokes to record. The software uses an automatic fill-in so it bypasses any keystrokes that my have been made. As a result, the malware will record nothing that a computer hacker will be able to use.

Password Vault

Of course, there are many more features available when using this type of software. If you'd like more information check online for an explanation of all the different types available. Depending on your particular circumstances there will be a password vault designed to meet your specific needs. Why not check on the  Identity Guard® password vault to see if it can work for you?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Why Many Companies Are Turning To Single Sign On

For the average consumer, there are many new terms and software programs available that make it hard to keep up with the growing trends. One of those terms is Single Sign On, a software program that provides the user with the ability to enter the same ID and password to log in to several different applications within one entity. Considering the push for more password security when interacting online, you can imagine that this type of software has sparked a great deal of controversy. However, there are many solid reasons why using it may be of benefit to many people and their businesses in general. The key to its success will depend largely on understanding what it is, how it works, and the benefits that come with it.

single sign on

Single Sign On Is Restricted To One Entity
It is important to understand that when the Single Sign On is used, it is within one particular business entity. Its purpose is not for general website use. In essence, the business enterprise must already be using the SSO software so that when the user logs on with their ID and password they have access to multiple application platforms within that business. This works as long as the user is authorized for that particular level. However, if they try to gain access to other areas of the site that they do not have clearance for, they will be blocked and asked for another authentication.

Benefits of Single Sign On
There are many advantages for a company to use a Single Sign On authentication. First, it provides the business with the ability to enforce a uniform set of authentication standards for multiple users and employees. It also improves the amount of security reporting and auditing that may be required, and it relieves application developers from having to implement extensive identity security protocols in their applications.
One of the best advantages for using Single Sign On software is that it keeps the user from developing password fatigue that can result from using different user names and password combinations across different platforms. It also can save on time spent just getting authenticated repeatedly as you go from one task to another. And overall this will reduce costs across the board for the company.

This type of program works well for medium to large businesses as it helps them to create a single point of entry for employees where they can better govern the access to numerous divisions across the board. Experts on this type of software design can give you more information about single sign on online.

single sign on

The fact that this type of software implemented within a company allows a user to only have one log in to gain access to all the systems he is authorized to enter can serve as a major plus in many ways. It is a means of boosting security while being more efficient at the same time. There are many more reasons why a company might seriously want to consider learning more about using Single Sign On software and it would be well worth it for them to do some additional research on the subject.