Friday, December 12, 2014

Why Many Companies Are Turning To Single Sign On

For the average consumer, there are many new terms and software programs available that make it hard to keep up with the growing trends. One of those terms is Single Sign On, a software program that provides the user with the ability to enter the same ID and password to log in to several different applications within one entity. Considering the push for more password security when interacting online, you can imagine that this type of software has sparked a great deal of controversy. However, there are many solid reasons why using it may be of benefit to many people and their businesses in general. The key to its success will depend largely on understanding what it is, how it works, and the benefits that come with it.

single sign on

Single Sign On Is Restricted To One Entity
It is important to understand that when the Single Sign On is used, it is within one particular business entity. Its purpose is not for general website use. In essence, the business enterprise must already be using the SSO software so that when the user logs on with their ID and password they have access to multiple application platforms within that business. This works as long as the user is authorized for that particular level. However, if they try to gain access to other areas of the site that they do not have clearance for, they will be blocked and asked for another authentication.

Benefits of Single Sign On
There are many advantages for a company to use a Single Sign On authentication. First, it provides the business with the ability to enforce a uniform set of authentication standards for multiple users and employees. It also improves the amount of security reporting and auditing that may be required, and it relieves application developers from having to implement extensive identity security protocols in their applications.
One of the best advantages for using Single Sign On software is that it keeps the user from developing password fatigue that can result from using different user names and password combinations across different platforms. It also can save on time spent just getting authenticated repeatedly as you go from one task to another. And overall this will reduce costs across the board for the company.

This type of program works well for medium to large businesses as it helps them to create a single point of entry for employees where they can better govern the access to numerous divisions across the board. Experts on this type of software design can give you more information about single sign on online.

single sign on

The fact that this type of software implemented within a company allows a user to only have one log in to gain access to all the systems he is authorized to enter can serve as a major plus in many ways. It is a means of boosting security while being more efficient at the same time. There are many more reasons why a company might seriously want to consider learning more about using Single Sign On software and it would be well worth it for them to do some additional research on the subject.

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