Saturday, May 30, 2015

When is it Time to Use Identity Theft Protection?

Picking the right time to start using something can be quite difficult, as there aren't always clear indications that a specific product or service is needed. Unfortunately, this also pertains  to using identity theft protection, as there is no standard "ok, it's time!" signal. Many people that choose to use a for of protection like a credit or identity monitor wait until it's already too late, and they have either become a victim of identity theft or feel that they may have something going on within their accounts. Don't let this be you - pay attention to the warning signs and use some form of identity theft protection long before there is any indication of trouble.

Are you receiving strange communications?
Often, the first signs of identity theft are an increased amount of spam emails, phone calls, pieces of mail received, or even ads showing up on your visited webpages. These forms of communication may be indicative of someone else using your name or accounts to look at or purchase things - a warning sign of identity theft. Unsubscribe from the emails, contact the companies if they say that you're an account holder... basically, be proactive.
Are you concerned about the safety of your information?
Many people think that the only type of information that is at risk is financial information, but this is untrue. Thieves often target personally identifying information like Social Security numbers, addresses, past employment history and  even birthdays in order to "assume" a person's identity, at least on paper. If you have any reason to be worried about your information's safety, it may be time to consider some form of protection in order to give you peace of mind.
Want to get a head start on protecting yourself?
Even if you have absolutely no reason or indication that there could be something wrong, it's never too early to use a form of identity protection. Fraud protection services and alerts can be extremely useful, even if you're just trying to get a handle on the ways that your accounts can fluctuate - the results that these services provide can be used in a variety of ways, making it possible to compile detailed reports of account status and changes, giving you a clear picture of how things look when they are working smoothly and properly.

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