Monday, May 4, 2015

Different Types of Protection From Identity Theft

Choosing how to protect your identity may be a difficult decision for some people to make, as there are many options available - all of which are useful in different types of circumstances. Monitoring for identity theft can be done in many ways depending on exactly what the individual needs are. When going through the different options available, it's important to choose the ones that will provide you with the best level of protection for each scenario, meaning that before you make your final decision, do the research!

Password Savers
One of the more popular types of identity theft protection is the password manager. This service allows users to enter in all pertinent information - passwords, usernames and account information. The service saves all of this information into a single database, making it easy for you to log in and see everything at once; no more forgotten information and no more writing things down. When you take the ability to forget passwords out of the equation, things become safer because it means that you can go a little more complex with your information, knowing that it will always be at your fingertips if you need it - yet locked away from prying eyes and thieves. In order to access the list of passwords and information, you'll need to know and enter in a "master" password, which will essentially unlock everything, providing unrestricted access to account information... but only to those that deserve to have it.

Credit Monitors
This service type is used by people that feel the need to protect their financial information from thieves and compromise. By implementing a monitor of this type, users will know that their information is going to be safe, as it will be constantly monitored by a computerized program that is designed and deployed to look for types of transactions that are associated with identity theft. These transactions will be forwarded via email to you, giving you the chance to take a closer look at what's going on, then take action if necessary. The nice thing about this type of service is that many of these transactions that are noticed will be regular transactions - although it can be time consuming to take a look at each of them, as soon as you see something that you didn't do or that is out of the ordinary, you can take action - there is very little waiting with this process, giving you the ability to turn things around very quickly.

Identity Monitoring Services
Much like credit monitors, the identity monitors look through accounts, find discrepancies and send the results back to you, the user. The biggest difference is the type of information that is looked through. In this case, personal information and details are what is monitored. This includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, public records and even employment history - all of the things that make people individuals. As soon as any of this information is used in a way that seems inconsistent with the past, an alert is created, making it simple to pinpoint the exact location of the identity breach. Armed with this information, people will be able to fight back against thieves, making it much simpler to reclaim their information and identity in a shorter period of time.

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