Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One of the Worst Kinds of Theft: Identity Compromise

With the increased presence on the Internet that many people have, identity theft cases have gone way up in a very short amount of time. The increased number of these cases is due to people putting a great deal of real life information online, for others to see and use if they can figure out how. Identity thieves are extremely resourceful, coming up with new ways to compromise the information of their victims in a manner that will be less likely to be detected - by using these methods, thieves are able to steal information and money in large amounts, effectively putting a huge damper on the lives of the people that they are invading. Identity theft is dangerous and scary, as it means that you have lost control over your most personal information and must fight to get it back. Luckily, there have been advancements made by companies like that offer customers the ability to fight back against these thieves, taking back control over the most intimate and personal details of their lives.

Credit and Identity Monitoring Services

Some of the best identity protection services are the types that focus on monitoring credit and services monitoring identity. While each of these is relevant in its own right, the results mean entirely different things to the people that use them. Credit monitors focus on the financial side of things, ensuring that transactions, account balances and payments are all what they are supposed to be, and that if there is some type of discrepancy, it can be addressed almost immediately. The same goes for identity monitoring, but the information that is perused with these services focuses on things like name, address and Social Security numbers. Another place that is monitored is the use of a person's name and information in public records. This includes law enforcement encounters, marriages and divorce records, even employment history is taken into account. The thieves will try to use the information that they steal in any way that can benefit them - nothing is off limits to thieves, which is why it is imperative to do something as soon as possible in order to keep them at bay, or to be able to quickly remove them from your life... and keep them gone.

How can these crimes impact victims?

Theft of identity is a dangerous crime because it is often extremely difficult to pinpoint the actual perpetrators of the crimes. Without being able to identify the people behind the theft, it can be hard to keep them from striking again, stealing from someone else. Victims of identity theft have been known to have a long recovery process, difficult time making things right and repairing their credit (even though it was not their fault that things went sour) and even an extremely difficult go at explaining situations to potential employers or landlords. Identity theft will not fix itself, meaning that vigilance is imperative when it comes to finding and stopping the crime, and ensuring that if you become a victim, it is not for a long period of time.

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