Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can Password Manager Reviews Be Trusted?

People look to the opinions of others for many things. Restaurant and product reviews, movie reviews, attractions and things to do... whether or not people want to go places and do things often depends largely on the opinions and feelings of others. When it comes to identity theft protection, things are often no different. Reviews can in many cases be the thing that keeps people from purchasing something - or even causes them to take the leap and make a commitment. The way that these things work, if something has succeeded in the past, people feel more confidence toward a project, service, person or thing and are more likely to try it out for themselves. Where questions are involved, though, is in determining whether or not a review can be trusted - and where it is coming from.

Official Website Reviews
The companies that create products like password managers, credit and identity monitors and single sign on solutions often provide a section of their websites that include product reviews and success stories from past customers. If a company is willing to put information on their website, it is a good bet that they are going to stand behind it. Why risk putting a positive review on a website for all to see if the way that the product works is a complete opposite? When looking at potential companies and product website information like that available at, it's important to think about what is being said and the manner in which it is being presented. These reviews and product descriptions are coming from past and current clients of the company, and often reflect the exact ways in which the products have been used - whether the reviews are good or bad remains to be seen based on the content itself, but it can be assumed that the official reviews will be trustworthy.

User Information and Reviews
Often, independent websites and blogs will pop up where people freely share their opinions about their personal experiences with products and services. As identity theft has become a valid concern for large numbers of the population, there are many people that are willing to share their experiences both with thieves, the process of recovering and the products that they have been using to combat thievery and going through the difficult decision. People that write product reviews and blogs about their experiences may embellish a little, but the overall goal of these entries and information is to get the word out - if someone has a negative experience, they will want to warn others... but at the same time, those that have benefitted from using services like these to protect against identity theft will also want to tell others so that they can help themselves as soon as possible. While it's imperative that you understand that the situations of others will not always directly mimic your own experiences, independent reviews and information can always be considered much less biased than the information present on the websites of the companies looking to sell the products that they have created.

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