Friday, March 6, 2015

Do I Need to Identity Monitor?

Imagine this: you've graduated college and found the career of your dreams. In a few short years, you've become a manager within your company, and quite well known within your employment community. Your name and face are synonymous with your business, and you make really good money. One day, you decide that you'd like to take a vacation, so you go to book the trip... but your credit card information is declined. After checking your accounts, you notice that there are funds missing and a lot of purchases have been made using your account... but you had nothing to do with any of them. Congratulations, you've become a victim of identity theft... now you have to deal with the aftermath.

What is an identity monitor?

An identity monitor will help keep track of your information, which can make it harder for identity theft to occur undetected. This monitor will look through public records, the Internet and more, keeping track of how your name and likeness are being used - then report back to you on a regular basis. Even if you're not a big shot with a face the entire community knows, people can still try to gain access into your life, but publicity and notoriety may put a bigger target onto your back. With an identity monitor, it may be easier to protect yourself from thieves.
How will I receive my results and information?

The best part about an identity monitor's reports is that they are provided in a secure online member area that you access using your strong password. These results are given in an easy to read and understand format with great detail - ideal for those that are unfamiliar with reading financial and personal information. This information is reported on a regular basis. You'll have the ability to monitor your information from the comfort of your own chair, in one document at your leisure; what could be better? This information can be used in a variety of ways, and provides proof of a breach or discrepancy in your account... meaning that if something goes awry, you can deal with it.

But do I really need  one of these?

Only you can decide whether or not your situation necessitates an identity monitor, but it definitely cannot hurt anything. Taking into consideration the expanse of your accounts and how much information you've released about yourself - as well as how many people know things about you - may be a helpful and deciding factor in choosing to use a service like an identity monitor. Despite the usefulness of services like these, an identity monitor is not the only available method of protection available. After considering your need and options, you may choose something like a credit monitor, which focuses strictly on the financial side, or a password keeper, which is concentrated on your computer and other devices.

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