Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do I Have to Use an Identity Monitor?

As far as effective methods of identity protection go, an identity monitor is one of the most reliable and widely used. In terms of vigilance, support and added account security, this type of monitor is comprehensive and can be used by a wide variety of people with both simple and complex needs. An identity monitor like the one that can be researched at can be a valuable asset for those that require added account and information support, but it is not the only method of protection that is available to the public. Even though there are other options like credit monitoring services, single sign on solutions, password keepers and encryption services, using an identity monitor has many additional benefits, and is one of the most highly recommended types of protection service available to the public today.

But what is an identity monitor?

This type of monitor is unique in that it focuses on actual personal information - not just financials. This service takes into account a person's name, address, birthday, Social Security number, court records, licenses, applications and any other identifying information that is unique and has the potential for compromise. As a monitoring service, ID protection looks into the things that make people who they are - not just the total sum of all parts. While financial and credit monitoring is focused on credit file data. An identity monitor acts as an extra set of eyes for users, taking a look at even the most remote parts of their lives ... some of which may have been forgotten over time, but could still result in a headache and hassle if compromised.

Do I need to go somewhere or wait to get the results?

The results of an identity monitor are located in a secure member area on the internet, with emails sent to users in a timely and efficient manner. These results are organized and presented in a manner that is easy to interpret, giving users the ability to look over them at their leisure, with special attention focused on areas of potential concern and possible misconduct. These results can be accessed no matter where the user is - at home, at work, on the road... it doesn't matter, as long as people can check their email and have a basic understanding of the information being reported. These services and the results are meant to be convenient, meaning that they are given in a way that will be useful to everyone, especially if further action needs to be taken. Besides regular updates, when certain activities are detected, a prompt alert is sent either by email or text message, allowing you to investigate quickly.

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