Friday, November 20, 2015

Identity Theft Protection Reviews

What is really important to customers when it comes to identity theft protection reviews?  
Here are some of the things that people who use these services have noted in reviews of identity theft protection companies:

      identity theft protection reviews
    • Customers want to receive regular credit score updates. Some people are not aware that they have not just one credit score, but credit scores from three major reporting bureaus.  In addition to providing credit score updates and credit reports on at least a quarterly basis, it is extremely important that services for credit monitoring provide this information from all three bureaus, not just one.

      • Timely updates are a must.  Receiving reports at certain intervals is extremely useful when there are no outstanding issues with your personal information.  If there is a problem, it is imperative to be notified promptly.  The convenience of this notification is also a big factor.  It is important to customers to be able to choose how they would like to be notified--by email or text message.

      • There is more to identity theft protection than just credit monitoring.  A comprehensive identity theft protection service will offer you identity monitoring. This includes Social Security number monitoring; monitoring the Internet to see if personal information is detected on black market websites, secret chat rooms and underground forums; account takeover alerts; and other sophisticated data monitoring to keep your identity safe. 

      • Online identity protection is important.  Customers want software products that will protect them from viruses and malware.  Optimum online security will include a different passwords and login credential for each website you use.  This is a lot of information to remember, so it is good to have a place to store your valuable login information. That's where a password manager can help by storing all of your passwords in one secure "lock box."

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