Tuesday, September 29, 2015

4 Reasons Why Identity Monitor Services Are Essential

You can never be too careful with your personal information.

Data from Javelin Strategy & Research estimates that 12.7 million consumers in the US were victims of identity theft in 2014. No matter how careful you are with your information, you can still have your identity stolen. And the impact can be absolutely devastating on your credit.

The following are four reasons why identity monitor services are essential.

1. Credit Score Monitoring
Identity thieves can use your information to make large purchases or open new accounts in your name. Which is why reviewing your credit report regularly is important to look for any suspicious activity. Otherwise you could be a victim of identity theft without even realizing it.

Identity theft protection services offer comprehensive credit monitoring and provide alerts for certain types of activity. You can also be able to view your credit report.

2. Public Record Monitoring
Do you know how your information is being used?

Identity monitor services also offer public record monitoring. You receive reports and updates if any of your information is being used without your knowledge. This is particularly helpful to detect identity theft.

3. Timely Alerts
Dealing with identity theft can be extremely time consuming. But it needs to be handled immediately before it becomes a larger issue later on. Identity protection services offer prompt alerts for certain changes.

This allows you to take immediate action such as freezing your credit or contacting the credit issuer directly. Doing so prevent anyone from opening accounts in your name.

4. Personal Assistance
Your identity can still be compromised.

If your identity ever gets stolen, you need to take immediate recovery steps. But the process can be rather confusing. Identity monitoring services offer personal recovery assistance and guidance on what to do to recover your identity. This is particularly beneficial as it greatly increases the chances of getting back what you may have lost.

Identity protection services offer a greater sense of security and are well worth the cost. These are the benefits you can expect when you sign up for identity monitoring.

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