Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Identity Theft Protection that You Will Want

identity theft protection

The advent of the internet brought with it so much positive change. You can now send mail, go shopping, order food, conduct banking, have meetings, talk to your friends, see the world... all without getting out of bed. The internet has literally changed the way that people do business and communicate with each other. Unfortunately, along with all of these benefits comes a major drawback; identity thieves now have another avenue to steal your personal information. There are practices that you can engage in to help reduce your risk and attain better identity theft protection.

Monitor Your Credit

Keeping an eye on your credit activity will help you in a variety of ways. Not only will you have a better handle on your financial transactions, but you will also know if there is unusual activity. New lines of credit that you didn't apply for will often indicate fraudulent activity that a criminal is engaging in at your expense. As an American, you are entitled to a free yearly credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. Request these reports evenly throughout the year to keep a watch over your credit activity every four months or so. For the times in between, you can take a look at the services offered at Identity Guard's site that can be found here http://www.identityguard.com.

Get Professional Help

If you want to protect from identity theft, getting the help of an experienced company is probably a good idea. Identity Guard® has been around for nearly two decades, and can help you with identity theft protection. They can help you monitor your identity, credit, and public records and supply you with prompt alerts to certain activity. They offer a suite of software solutions designed to help keep your digital information safe. They even offer help recovering your identity if your information is stolen while you're a member. Count on Identity Guard identity theft protection to help protect what makes you... you.

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